A case for rethinking material beauty

We have recently been spending significant amount of time asking ourselves how are we as material suppliers staying relevant to the tide of times. How do we as material suppliers reconcile between inspiring designers and yet facilitating the amount of carbon footprint and potential wastage created through the supply of such architectural surfaces.

These issues seem antithetical to the fundamental nature of our business at a glance. We are afterall  a material supply company, and what comes immediate to mind is our role as being part of a problem; facilitating beauty at the expense of mother earth.

We feel convicted of the need to do our part to find new forms of materials that can replace the traditional, at the same time, not compromise on inspiring beauty and elegance.

We are happy to introduce our new range of Eco friendly textured paints from Pure & Original. As manufacturers of paint, they too have a commitment to respecting mother earth. Their products are easy to transport, leading to a reduction in carbon footprint, and also made from minerals that are organic in properties. Not only are they aligned with the kind of new consciousness we are striving to adopt, we find these applied surfaces extremely relevant to a new beauty that many interior designers and architects are currently adopting.

Our New fresco Limepaint at a glance:

Fresco is a 100% mineral and very environmentally friendly lime paint. The appearance is determined by the method of application and the conditions under which the paint is applied.
Lime paint is bacteria and fungus resistant, air purifying, hygienic, CO2 absorbent and absorbs nitrogen gases.

They come in many nuanced colors, a dream for interior designers who do not want to compromise on their design intent.


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